Accelerated Flight Training at Laconia Flight Academy


Laconia Flight Academy’s Accelerated Flight Instruction Programs

If you’re looking to quickly obtain a pilot certificate or rating, our accelerated flight training programs may be just what you are looking for. Whether you are in pursuit of a Private pilot Certificate, a Commercial Pilot Certificate, or an Instrument Rating, we can have you ready for your checkride in as little time as one month!

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What is Accelerated Flight Training?

Accelerated flight training is a very intensive flight training regime designed to teach piloting skills and aeronautical knowledge in a concentrated period of time. Normally, a flight student takes 6 to 7 months to earn a private pilot certificate, based on flying only a couple of times a week. With an accelerated flight training program, a student pilot flies every day, 2-3 times per day, weather permitting. In between flight lessons, they are receiving ground school with one of Laconia Flight Academy’s certified flight instructors, and are studying independently. 

An accelerated flight student can expect to obtain their desired pilot certificate or rating in as little time as 30 days, though the exact number of days is dependent upon the weather and FAA Designator Pilot Examiner (DPE) availability. We don’t have any control of the weather, however we do work with several DPEs in the area that can help to mitigate checkride delays. 


What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Flight Training at Laconia Flight Academy?

Accelerated flight training is a proven method for rapid and effective flight training, if the flight training program is implemented correctly via the use of a proven syllabus and associated flight/ground lesson plans, and well maintained and reliable aircraft.

Accelerated flight training provides several benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces the time to obtain a pilot certificate of rating
  • Saves money – due to no gaps in flight training and aeronautical knowledge learning
  • Builds stronger Piloting skills do to focused and coordinated flight and ground training


What is Involved in Accelerated Flight Training?

To participate in an accelerated flight training program there needs to be a full 100% commitment from the flight student and the flight school. During the accelerated flight training, it must be treated as a full time job by the flight student and the flight instructor, for as long as necessary to complete the flight training program and to take the checkride.

Throughout the time you are in the accelerated flight training program your days will need to be devoted to a combination of flying, ground school and/or independent studying. The time required is based on your rate of progress and weather conditions.


What is required by the Student prior to Arrival at Laconia Flight Academy?

  • Already possess a Student Pilot Certificate, or Private Pilot Certificate for those seeking an Instrument Rating or Commercial Certificate
  • A current and valid Flight Medical Certificate
  • Has already passed the FAA Written Knowledge Test, for the respective certificate or rating working towards, with a score of at least 85%.
  • A $4,000 non-refundable deposit to reserve a dedicated flight instructor and committed aircraft slots during your flight training. 
  • Bring with you on the first day of flight training
    • Airplane Flying Handbook
    • Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
    • E6B Whiz Wheel
    • Plotter
  • For Private Pilot Students:
    • Have completed the Pre-Solo Aeronautical Knowledge test provided by LFA prior to arriving on Laconia Flight Academy
    • Have already completed at least one discovery flight in a small aircraft to ensure no motion sickness issues


Typical completion times for Accelerated FLight Training at Laconia Flight Academy

  • Private pilot certificate – anticipate 28 to 35 days to account for weather issues.


  • Instrument Rating – anticipate 28 to 35 days to account for weather issues.  This assumes the FAA required 50 hours of PIC cross-country time building is 80% is already met for the Instrument rating prior to arriving at Laconia Flight Academy.


  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – as few as 21 days, but anticipate 28 days due to weather. This assumes that 90% of the FAA required 250 hours of flight time, with 100 hours of PIC time, and 50 hours of Cross-Country time are already met for the Commercial Certificate prior to arriving at Laconia Flight Academy.


Flight Training Location and Aircraft

Flight Training conducted in a PA28-161 Piper Warrior, or your own aircraft, out of Laconia, NH airport (KLCI).


We look forward to seeing you soon at Laconia Flight Academy!